Pede's Molen

Hundelgem (Zwalm)

The milling process

Third part of the description of the mill's operation

Introductory remarks: The information contained in this part and the previous one (the equipment) is partly based on the website of the Mill de Gentinnes. Its author, Mr. Daniel Dussart, has given us authorisation to reproduce part of his site for the technical explanations of the operation of our water mill. Therefore, the text of these two parts can be used freely, as can the information on the site Moulin Dussart.

The pictures and illustrations that you will find in these two chapters are the copyright of their respective authors. The illustrations are diagrams representing the operation of certain parts of the mill. The dimensions of the different elements and their positioning are approximate and do not represent the exact dimensions.

In this final part of the mill's operation, we describe four additional machines that are used during the milling process: the sack hoist, milling separator, flour elevator and boulter. As a general rule, the additional machines and equipment used during the milling process have relatively slow speeds, suited to their use.

The next chapter at a glance:

Where we will learn more about the sack hoist, a very simple yet highly effective means of lightening the burden inside the mill.