Pede's Molen

Hundelgem (Zwalm)

The hydraulic system

Introductory remarks: The illustrations that you will find in this chapter are approximate and do not represent the exact dimensions. Where possible, the technical terms and possible synonyms are used. These terms are often specific to a certain region.

A water mill is a workshop that consists of a hydraulic system, which uses the force of the water to transform it into a circular movement, and a transmission mechanism, consisting of different gears, pulleys and belts, which transmits the driving force of the water wheel to the equipment.

The description of the water mill's operation will be handled in three parts: the hydraulic system, the equipment and the milling process.

In the next chapters, we will take a closer look at the different elements of the hydraulic system: the dam, the head race, the gates and the water wheel.

The next chapter at a glance:

Where we will see how water is retained upstream and how the height of the dam is determined by the relief of the land and by human intervention.